I'm Bill Bulkeley. For most of the past 40 years I was the Wall Street Journal's high-tech reporter in Boston. My byline was William M. Bulkeley.

 Until 2009,  I was the Journal's beat reporter covering IBM, EMC and VMware in the high tech space and imaging industry giants Xerox and Kodak. Before that, I chronicled the rise and fall of Digital Equipment, Lotus Development, Wang Laboratories  and a host of dot coms. In the 1990's I wrote a weekly column for the Journal called Information Age. During my WSJ career, I interviewed and written about most of the figures who have created the digital revolution that continues to reshape our lives from Bill Gates and Scott McNealy to Sam Palmisano and Ursula Burns. 

Since News Corp. closed the Journal's Boston bureau at the end of 2009, I've been working as a freelance business and technology writer and editor. I have started a custom research business that writes white papers called Green Line Research Inc.  I'm based in Boston, where I live with my wife and daughters. 

I can be reached at bill.bulkeley (at) gmail.com.  Use the @ sign for at. I'm trying to reduce spam. 

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